Sunday, May 04, 2008

Declaration of Independence

Those who know me rapidly learn that I am not cut from the same cloth as the average person. I consider myself eccentric, intelligent, logical, and at the same time creative. I am not a good sheep, I can't settle for conformity, I challenge the status quo, and feel sorry for people who are willing to accept their lot in life without attempting to improve it.

While not directly security related, Pamela Slim has assembled a flash movie that closely resembles my philophy on life, and is one of the most inspirational pieces I have seen in a long time. While she is trying to push the viewers towards entrepreneurial endeavours, the attitude and lifestyle she is proposing is very applicable to my life and should be applicable to most security practitioners lives. This is not an industry that is made for people who are willing to accept the status quo, but rather for those who creatively look for solutions and push the envelope of technology and conventional thinking.

Hope you enjoy it!

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